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What can Slot Detector do for your casino?

  • Discover what games your patrons want to play
  • Add game search to your website
  • Transform your electronic games strategy with new market data
Slot Detector helps your website visitors find games that you have at your casino.

This not only helps your visitors but gives your casino access to valuable visitor data that we provide with your subscription to Slot Detector. Find out what games people are searching for, when they are searching for them, what denominations they are searching for and more. The data will help you better serve your customers and make more money by helping you put the right games and the right number of those games on your floor.

We are currently in BETA and for a limited time are offering special BETA pricing. As a BETA user you will have early adopter input regarding the new features and related products we are building. Contact us today to learn more.

Easy Setup

Adding Slot Detector to your site is easy. It can be added as a Javascript widget or for WordPress sites we have a WordPress Plugin. The look and feel can easily be customized to match the look and feel of your website. Check out our demo by clicking here to see how it works.

Casino Development Companies and Agencies

Do you maintain or develop casino websites? Do you have a web product that integrates with casino websites?

Resell our products to use on your current casino customer websites. We offer discounted pricing to development companies, agencies and casino web service companies so that you can include Slot Detector as an option for your clients and get paid to do so. Contact us at 1-(800) 284-6430 for our discounted pricing structure today.

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